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Roadwise Driver Training CIC is a social enterprise which provides driver development training throughout the UK and overseas through a network of franchised and contracted Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs).

Company was established in 1994 by founding manager Dave Watson (pictured above), a former Police Class I Driver and Driving Instructor.  Along with former business partner and police colleague, Roddie Munro, Dave Watson developed Roadwise to the current position as a leader in the field of driver training in the UK.

Aberdeen Foyer fully acquired Roadwise in December 2012 following a period of successful partnership working, with the Foyer acquiring 50% of Roadwise in August 2008.  Profit generated by Roadwise directly supports the work of the Foyer to prevent and alleviate youth homelessness and unemployment in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. This means the social impact of the organisation extends well beyond the existing work of creating a safer road environment for all road users.

We provide courses for driver licence acquisition and have a range of behavioural based driver safety courses for young drivers, employees who drive as part of their job or commute to work, individuals who want to improve their driving skills or those who have, or wish to have, a career as a driving instructor. We pride ourselves on being approachable, taking time to listen and to find the best fit for each client.