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The parents’ role

As the parent or guardian of a learner driver you will obviously feel some anxiety at the prospect of your son or daughter driving on the open road.  You can however play an important part in helping to reduce the chances of your son or daughter being involved in a road traffic collision in the first few months of  passing their driving test.  There are several things you can do both during your child’s driving lessons and once they have passed their driving test.

Private Practice
Private lessons are an excellent way of complimenting the professional lessons your son or daughter receives from their driving instructor.  In fact, the DSA recommends that every learner driver has on average 22 hours of private practice whilst learning to drive.  Private practice is important as it gives the learner more experience behind the wheel meaning they are less likely to be involved in an accident.  It is important however that private practice compliments professional lessons.  You should talk to the driving instructor and work together to aid the progression of your son or daughters driving ability.  Perhaps use private practice to work on troublesome areas identified by the driving instructor. 

Always try and lead by example.  It is vitally important that you practice what you preach.  A young driver is less likely to listen to what you are asking them to do if they see you doing the opposite when you drive.  You may even wish to take some refresher training yourself.  This can often be done through the same instructor that teaches your son or daughter.  Contact us at Roadwise for more information on refresher training for supervising drivers.  It is worth making yourself familiar with the latest edition of the Highway Code when you are about to undertake private lessons with your son or daughter.  This will help refresh your memory of the important rules of the road, especially if it has been some time since you read it.
For more information and advice on supervising your son or daughter visit our supervising driver’s page.