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The Theory Test

In order to sit your practice driving test you must first pass the theory test.  The theory test is divided into two parts, the multiple choice questions test and the hazard perception test.  The multiple choice questions test This test is taken at an official test centre and is delivered using a touch screen computer.  There are 50 questions in total for the car test. During the test a question and several answers will appear on the screen.  You must touch the screen to select which answer you think is correct.  Some questions will have multiple answers.  If you are unsure what the answer is you have the option to flag the question and come back to it later in the test. There is a time limit for the multiple choice test.  You are allowed 57 minutes to answer all the questions.  In order to pass this part of the theory test you must achieve at least 43 correct answers out of the possible 50 questions.  If you fail this part of the theory test you will fail the whole test and will need to take the test again. At the beginning of the test you will be given instructions on how the test works and the opportunity to practice the test before the doing it for real. The hazard perception test This element of the theory test was introduced by the DSA in November 2002.  It is taken at the same time as you sit the multiple choice questions test.  You are allowed a break of up to three minutes between each test. The hazard perception test is also delivered on a computer but this time you respond by clicking the mouse button. The test is delivered by way of a series of 14 video clips featuring every day road scenarios.  Each clip will contain at least one developing hazard however one of the clips will feature two hazards.  In order to achieve a high score you are required to respond to the developing hazards during the early stages of its development.  The maximum number of points you score on each hazard is 5. In order to pass the hazard perception test you must achieve a score of at least 44 out of 75. Once you have completed both tests you will be given your results by a member of staff at the test centre. Roadwise stocks the full compliment of theory test materials including a highway code, an interactive DVD and a theory test question book.  Ask your driving instructor about purchasing the theory pack.