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Do you take personal pride in your driving ability?  Would you like to take your skills to a higher level and receive official recognition for your efforts?

Advanced Driver Training provides a tough, but satisfying challenge for people seeking to improve their overall driving performance. Roadwise Driver Training offers top class training for company personnel and individuals in preparation for two of the UK’s leading driving qualifications:

  • The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Advanced Driving Test

  • The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Advanced Driving Test

Holders of the highest police and civilian driving instruction qualifications, directors Dave Watson and Roddie Munro have the proven ability and credentials to deliver the standard of training required to those wishing to achieve an Advanced Driving qualification.  Dave Watson is also an examiner for both IAM and RoSPA.

The IAM Test:

  • lasts approximately 90 minutes and covers town driving, motorways (if available) or dual carriageways and country roads

  • provides a thorough assessment of driving ability in a number of challenging driving situations

  • candidate is tested on ability to perform well in all situations, rather than excelling in only a few

  • awards life membership to successful candidates.

The RoSPA Test:

  • lasts 60-70 minutes. The route covers a wide variety of traffic and driving conditions

  • is designed to detect any weaknesses or potentially dangerous driving habits

  • demands that successful candidates demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the Highway Code and Roadcraft (the Essential Police Driver’s Handbook) during driving and theory sessions

  • awards successful candidates Bronze, Silver or Gold grades (the Gold award is considered to be the highest open to a civilian driver in the UK). Candidates also receive comprehensive report on all aspects of their test

  • must be undertaken every three years, otherwise membership automatically lapses