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It is widely acknowledged that driving is the most dangerous activity most people undertake. Indeed, more people are killed or injured in at-work road traffic collisions than in all other workplace incidents.   

Research shows that driver behaviour is the principal contributor to more than 90% of road traffic collisions.  

As driver training is now developing into a more behavioural led approach we offer a behaviour based ‘Driving In Mind’ course. This coaching course is specifically designed to allow an individual driver to identify and address their behaviour and to realise how it can affect their potential for involvement in undesirable and unsafe situations whilst driving.  For corporate clients this course helps to meet their Duty of Care and address unsafe driving practices and behaviours of their employees and work to improve them.    This course has an added edge to conventional defensive driver programmes and is already proving popular with our customer base.


We offer this course across the UK using our network of franchised and contracted trainers.

Recent case study of our ‘Driving In Mind’ course presented in ‘Business Now’ magazine (Spring issue 2017) page 40 ‘Mindful Training Programme Makes Driver ‘Roadwise’

The benefits of the training are:

·         to ensure a safer, more controlled approach to everyday driving

·         to reduce the risk of being involved in a collision

·         to make the drive a far less stressful experience

·         to reduce fuel consumption

·         to lessen wear and tear on the vehicle

·         and in many cases to save on motor insurance premiums


“Kate was absolutely brilliant – She really made me feel at ease but was very professional too… she kept on top of all I was trying to achieve on this course throughout. The whole course was set out perfectly. She’s an absolute credit it to you and I really enjoyed the day and intend to keep up as I am now with the ‘driving’ game!! It made me think a lot of how much I have let slip in the last 20 odd years!! Would recommend this course to everyone I know… whether they take it is up to them and have shared it with so many people already!” (Annie)

“This course was completely tailored to what I needed as a driver. Dave was brilliant in picking up on my bad habits and teaching me new ways in thinking when I’m driving to ensure safe driving. I would highly recommend this course to both new and existing drivers on a regular basis. Dave was a really easy person to get on with and I felt at ease under the circumstances.” (Kelly)

“I’m sure this course will have a sustained, positive and safe impact on my driving” (Sudhir)

“After filling in the questionnaire giving my own opinion of my driving, I met Dave and this was used as the basis for the lesson. We went through the answers and Dave asked some additional, more probing questions. I thought I’d answered quite reasonably, but the extra questions highlighted areas I could improve in. It was an eye-opening exercise! The tuition was based on observation and question-and-answer, which I found really interesting. I didn’t think a 2.5-3.5 hour lesson would make such a difference.” (Laura)

“Really got me thinking about how my driving style could be improved” (John)