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Put your driving knowledge and observations to the test. Think Driving!
Interactive presentations delivered by Roadwise Driver Training include:

  • An introduction to why we need to be safer drivers

  • Highway Code Quiz

  • Psychometric Tests

  • Videos of different driving scenarios in local area

  • Case studies

The videos used in our workshops are real life scenes from the Grampian area showing examples of dangerous driving.

We have developed a number of Interactive Workshops including UK Road Familiarisation for foreign nationals, Defensive Driving, Young Drivers, Winter Driving and many others.     Each Interactive Workshop can be tailored to meet clients’ needs.

“It was very informative and very worthwhile. The instructor was really good, having a group the size we had I thought was excellent as it allowed many of the viewpoints (good or bad) to be shared. The actual theory test was fantastic and highlighted how much we had forgotten so it was a good refresher and is something we should encourage all employees to attend!”

“Finding out about legislation I was not aware of and tyre wear. I don’t think there’s anything obvious that could be done better, it was interesting and delivered in an open and friendly manner with participation encouraged.”