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The risk of having a road accident rises sharply if you are driving in an unfamiliar environment.  Foreign nationals are especially vulnerable if they are encountering UK driving conditions for the first time. 

UK Road Familiarisation coaching course is designed to give drivers recently relocated to the UK a thorough theoretical and practical introduction to on-road procedures and legislation. The course is suitable for any driver unfamiliar with driving in the UK with the aim of enhancing their existing road skills and knowledge.

We have established a highly successful track record with companies who include our training as part of their relocation package for incoming personnel and their families.  Training can also be provided to individuals on a private basis.

The standard course involves a mix of theory and driving practice, covering:

  • The Highway Code

  • Traffic signs & signals

  • Speed limits

  • Legal requirements and accident procedures

By attending this coaching course delegate will be able to:

  • Increase an understanding of specifics and rules of driving on the UK roads

  • Apply coaching advice specific to their risks

  • Be able to reduce the likelihood of being involved in a collision

  • Improve their ability to perceive risks and identify hazards related to driving in the UK

“I had 4 fantastic hours of driving and I am today much more confident to drive in the UK. Trainer is genuine, pedagogic, warm, a people person and I have talked warmly about your firm to all and I recommend to all employees coming from other countries to take hours with you.” (Hedda)

“Initially, I did not think a 4-hour course was necessary, but once begun, I was wondering if 4 hours would be enough. Trainer, however, was ab excellent teacher and his humour made the course less intimidating. He guided me through the basics and provided useful information on the relevant rules of the road. After ‘mastering’ the positioning of my hands on the steering wheel, I began to drive with more confidence (all within the four hour timeframe). This course was very beneficial. I would not have the confidence on the road without it” (Tanya)