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Learn the basics of driving before you receive your provisional driving licence. Headstart (Pre 17) is a course to prepare you for the challenges of negotiating the mainstream road traffic environment and to help you to develop a positive attitude and behaviour before taking regular driving lessons.

Why is it important?  Thousands of 16-24 year olds are killed or injured on UK roads every year. The majority of road traffic collisions (95%) are contributed to by poor driver attitude and behaviour, not the vehicle control skills (Drive IQ). 

How does it work?  In the stress-free surroundings of an off-road facility and with the friendly, expert guidance of a qualified instructor, you will have the opportunity:

· to become familiar with the controls and performance of a car

· build the basics of positive driving behaviours and attitudes

· get a ‘headstart’ before going on the road

Headstart (Pre 17)
 training is most effective if undertaken 3 to 6 months prior to someone’s 17th birthday.  A provisional driving licence is not required.

NEW:  Currently the course is being delivered at AECC Car Park No 6, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen.

“Rachael loved the pre 17 lesson. She has already told some of her friends about it. Rachael thought it was a really good that you got 2 hours as she felt that helped to master the steering” (Lorna, 18 Feb 2017)

“She has enjoyed the Lessons very much and is highly recommending them to her friends. She feels so much more Confident, and has learned so much and can’t wait for 10th March.” (Jill, 18 Feb 2017)