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5 Tips to Help You Get Your Driving Licence


This blog post offers our most often given tips to learners enquiring about driving lessons. The key is in planning and we hope these quick five tips will help you to successfully reach your goal. 

Tip # 1“Plan the Licence Acquisition Process”

Plan the process as early as you can and set a realistic timeline for licence acquisition: apply and get your provisional licence as soon as you can, think of your availability for driving lessons, speak to your family members and see if there is anyone who could provide you with additional support in relation to the steps below.  

Tip # 2“Study the Highway Code”

Study the Highway Code and Practice Mock theory tests with ‘Driving Tests Success’ and try scoring 90% regularly before attempting a test.

Current theory test pass rate sits at 47.1%. So over half of the people who sit the test end up failing!  To have a serious attempt at passing the test, put all your effort in practicing the multiple-choice questions and hazard perceptions videos to the point where you score 90% and over in your mock theory tests. It will save you paying twice too!

Tip # 3 “Book a Theory Test in Advance”

Booking a theory test will give you a timeline for studying. Currently theory tests are difficult to book at short notice. Choose the first available test that you can attend. Having a booking in place will let you change your theory driving test online via to an earlier one if you see another suitable date.  

Also, it is useful to familiarise yourself with the theory test process when you arrive at the test centre to give it a go. 

Tip # 4 “Find a Driving Instructor”

Find a professional driving instructor who will guide you through the practical part of your licence acquisition process. During the times when instructors are very busy (e.g. post-lockdown and summertime) try booking an instructor well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Get in touch with us via our Booking Enquiry Form. We will notify you about any availability of instructors covering your area as soon as we have a space to start a new learner and provisionally arrange your first driving lesson in their diary.

Our advice is that you work in tandem with your instructor and make sure that you are test ready and able to drive safely after you receive your driving licence.

Tip # 5 “Get Private Practice”

If you have a chance to get private practice in addition to the sessions with your instructor, use it. It’s good practice to discuss which areas of driving you will need to work on when you are doing private practice.

DVSA research with learners found those who had private practice with friends and family in addition to their professional instruction are 1.4 times more likely to pass their test compared to those that do not have private practice. 

Your supervising driver must meet certain criteria which you can find in ‘Practicing with family or friends’ government website page

Make sure that rules for driving lessons are followed during private practice as well. In Scotland, there are different rules depending on which area level you are in, but you are legally required to wear a face covering unless you are exempt.


We hope that you found the above overview and advice helpful.  If you have any questions or concerns that are not covered above, please give us a shout on 08000 151642 or

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