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Friendly encouragement - professional instruction

Learner Driving Tuition 

At Roadwise we are very proud of our high pass rate, evidence of the quality of our driver training which suits individual needs and abilities.

We are committed to improving the safety of all road users. We deliver training designed to improve drivers’ road safety awareness and promoting responsible driving, whether it’s lessons for learners or refresher courses. 

Under 17 Training
‘L’ Driving Tuition
Automatic lessons
Car & Trailer (B+E) Training

All Roadwise driving instructors are fully qualified Approved Driving Instructors with many years’ experience.


Are you interested in joining our growing team of ADIs? Please check here.


Invest In Your Staff - Invest In Your Community

Corporate Driver Training &
Risk Management

Roadwise is committed to improving driver safety, helping employers make safe driving part of company culture and arming employees with skills and knowledge to be safer on the road by emphasising an individual’s personal responsibility for safety.

There are many clear benefits to an organisation in offering staff enhanced driver training, not least a reduction in productive working days lost to road traffic collisions and the inherent costs incurred. 

The following will give you an idea of the type of training we provide.  Bespoke packages available.

Defensive Driver Training
Road Familiarisation Training
Skid Correction and Control Training
Interactive Workshops 


“I have absolute confidence that the guidance and instruction provided by Roadwise saves Lives.

Contact Roadwise

If you would like to discuss any type of Roadwise training or would like to book lessons, please get in touch with us.

Telephone   08000151642



“I found Roadwise via Google. Good reviews and charity work to boot, how could I not give them a call? I’m really, really glad that I did! I had the absolute pleasure of being taught the ways of the road by Dave Watson who guided me from a nervous wreck to becoming a safe and competent driver. A great company and an absolute pleasure to learn with. I couldn’t give a higher level of recommendation.” (May, 2015)