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Roadwise Delivers Tractor Training to Ringlink Pre-Apprentice Group

Earlier this summer, Roadwise Driver Training CIC instructors delivered evening tractor training for a group of pre-apprentices through a training course run by Ringlink Services Limited.  This is third consecutive year that we were requested to provide this training for a group of youngsters aged between 16 to 17. 

The training is delivered in a safe off-road environment and gives each participant the chance to build on the basic tractor training skills gained during the residential apprentice course.  The course primarily deals with the function of the tractor controls, identification of the risks associated with the use of tractors and how to operate the vehicle in a safe manner together with conducting vehicle checks and reversing manoeuvres.   In addition, time is spent on regular driving procedures, stop and start drills and the show me, tell me questions which relate to vehicle safety and maintenance.  All the aforementioned training goes a long way to preparing the pre-apprentices for their practical driving test.

The tractor training programme is available via Ringlink to tractor drivers aged 16+ and is best suited for those who already have a basic tractor training course and some experience of the operation and daily use of a tractor.   

IMG 6137 censored4

Going through Show Me, Tell Me Questions

IMG 6178 censored2

Driving on site

IMG 6214

Reversing manoeuvre

IMG 6197 censored2

Discussing the next manoeuvre

IMG 6219 censored2

Driving on site 

IMG 6243

Driving on site

Hugh Thomson, the Training Co-ordinator for Ringlink says: “Our pre-apprentices thoroughly enjoyed the training and it really does help them in preparation for their tractor test. Kenny and Jim from Roadwise were really able to get across to them what will be expected of them during the test and made it enjoyable at the same time.”

Kenny McLean, the lead Roadwise trainer shared his views on the training programme which was delivered to the pre-apprentices “This year, as with the previous two years, we had another great group of enthusiastic youngsters who were willing to learn. The tractor test preparation is all about safety, which linked in extremely well their other training skills gained on the Ringlink course. All the youngsters were well versed in a “safe stop” procedure which was good to see. Every time one of them left the cab the tractor was left safe, which is vital for their own and others as they progress in their agricultural careers.”

Here is a short video from the training session  

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