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About Us

Roadwise Driver Training CIC provides driver development training throughout the UK through a network of franchised and contracted Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs).

The motivation behind Roadwise is to improve road safety for all. This influences how we run our business.  We have high expectations of our ADIs around quality and demand that time with clients and learners is viewed as a valuable opportunity to improve their safety as drivers. 

Our values and training standards are driven by our Managing Director, the founder of Roadwise, “During my time as a traffic police officer I developed a passion for road safety. Too often I saw the tragic consequences of simple driver error and blatant bad driving.”  This ethos forms our culture of really caring about the impact our products and services make on improving someone’s safety when they drive.  We pride ourselves on being approachable, taking time to listen and to find the best fit for each client.

We insist on exceptional customer service which means doing what we say we will, when we say we will, how we say we will, at the price we promised, plus a little extra to show "We appreciate your business."

Our story to date…

We are proud of our beginnings and what we have achieved to date.  In 1994, Roadwise was founded by our current managing director Dave Watson, a former Police Class I Driver and Driving Instructor.   The following year Dave was joined by Sandy Barclay, a fully qualified ADI, who had a training background in offshore survival.   Together they formed a partnership which saw Roadwise grow and prosper.     Roddie Munro, one of Dave’s former police colleagues who was also a Police Class I Driver and Driving Instructor, teamed up with Dave and Sandy in 1997.    From the inception of the company Liz Watson (Dave’s wife) provided the essential administrative support and with Dave, Sandy and Roddie at the helm Roadwise became firmly established as a leader in the field of driver training in the North-East of Scotland.  Our corporate courses were soon being delivered throughout the UK and as well as extensive training in Kazakhstan. 

Roadwise became involved with Aberdeen Foyer in 2006 through the Foyer Drive programme which helped Foyer clients get ready for their driving test.  The idea of supporting people who had a difficult start in life struck a chord with Dave and in 2012 Roadwise was sold to the Foyer following years of successful partnership working.  

Profit generated by Roadwise now directly supports the work of the Foyer to prevent and alleviate youth homelessness and unemployment across North East Scotland.  It enables the social impact of Roadwise to extend well beyond the existing work of creating a safer road environment for all road users.   

The success of Roadwise can only be attributed to great teamwork and an excellent work ethic.   By bringing together a police background, training knowledge and sound business acumen Roddie, Sandy and Liz provided Dave with valuable support which was pivotal to the success of the company.    This core team is still in place and our shared vision and values are still central to our culture.   However, we don't stand still.   There are now 35 people in the team and we remain committed and focused to developing Roadwise further to maximise our impact and to deliver services in locations across the UK.   

Roadwise has three main objectives:





Our aims

Our aim is to help our clients...

Gain knowledge
Enhance skills
Build confidence
improve behaviour

Our values

Our core values are...

Improve the safety of all road users
Be approachable and enthusiastic
Take pride in what we do
Work together positively in the best interest of the client
Communicate openly and honestly
Maintain a standard of excellence