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Become an Instructor

Are you  looking to become  a driving instructor?

It can be a life-changing career move that brings along more independent work lifestyle, flexible hours and less office stress.   

You may wonder if it is a long-term and sustainable career path? 

According to data from the Department of Transport, the amount of UK driving instructors has fallen by 12% over the past seven years - falling from 44,569 in 2013 to 39,521 at the start of 2020 - and this is predicted to fall even further in the coming years.  Based on current trends, the number of instructors on the road in 2025 looks set to fall to just over 38,000 as more instructors retire or move into other careers themselves, which could make things difficult for provisional drivers. 

So, now is a good time to put your plan in action!

If you are an existing Driving Instructor looking for a new challenge or someone who is looking for a change of direction and train and qualify as Driving Instructor, we invite you to get in touch via our Enquiry Form or simply call us on 08000 151 642.  We look forward to speaking to you.   


Please visit 'Instructor Training' page if you are looking to learn more about the qualification process and learn about what we can offer. 

Roadwise was established in 1994 and since inception we have been training driving instructors to help them achieve career and lifestyle change.  Compared to other driving schools we managed to maintain a relatively small team of instructors to allow us to look after their interests, personal needs, growth and career progression.     

Please fill in our Driving Instructor Enquiry Form or simply call us on 08000 151 642 and we will get back to arrange a convenient time to discuss your needs. 


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