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Behaviour Based Driver Training

It is widely acknowledged that driving is the single most dangerous activity most people undertake.   

95% of road accidents can be attributed to human error. 

Driving has become such an intrinsic part of our daily lives that quite often we go into automatic pilot.

To combat this, we have developed Driving in Mind. This course not only improves driver skills but is specifically designed to develop attitudes and behaviours that enable greater insight into your personal triggers for risk. This helps you understand how your emotions, attitudes and behaviours can affect your driving. We use DriverMetrics’ a psychometric assessment which identifies driver risks, developed by Cranfield University.

By attending this coaching experience your driver will be able to:

  • Understand the effects of behaviour on driving safely
  • Identify their own potential for conducting unsafe driving practices
  • Apply coaching advice specific to their behavioural risks
  • Reduce the likelihood of being involved in a collision

We offer this course across the UK and Northern Ireland through our network of accredited professional trainers.

“This course was completely tailored to what I needed as a driver. Dave was brilliant in picking up on my bad habits and teaching me new ways in thinking when I’m driving to ensure safe driving. I would highly recommend this course to both new and existing drivers on a regular basis. Dave was a really easy person to get on with and I felt at ease under the circumstances” (Kelly)

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