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Post Collision Training

This course is designed for drivers who have been involved in a road traffic collision and delivers coaching to support them. Coaching is adapted in content and format to meet each individual’s needs and circumstances.

Prior to the commencement of the session our team will gather as much information about an individual’s needs so that each session brings the most value and content for them. Coaching will commence with a question and answer session which helps to establish/reinforce the actual coaching needs of the individual.

By attending this coaching course each participant will be able to:

  • Identify the root cause(s) of the original incident 
  • Recognise personal exposure to high risk situations
  • Identify their own potential for conducting unsafe driving practices
  • Develop personal coping strategies to avoid future collisions
  • Learn how to overcome barriers and exercise safe driving behaviours and driving techniques
  • Apply coaching advice specific to their individual needs and behavioural risks
  • Be able to reduce the likelihood of being involved in a collision

The training is carried out on a 1:1 ratio over a half day or full day session.  

We have established a team of quality trainers to deliver a Post Collision Course throughout the UK.   

Our profits support the local charitable work of Aberdeen Foyer with homeless young people and enables people of all ages to take the next steps towards learning and employment.

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